All-time Favourite Indoor Soccer/ Futsal Shoe – Nike Hypervenom

Everyone that has played indoor soccer knows how important it is to have a good pair of indoor soccer shoes. Those that play indoor soccer regularly know the fast paced, high intensity game not only requires skill but a good pair of indoor soccer shoes too.

There are many futsal shoe brands out in the market today, some well-known and some mentioning no names are anything but decent.

If you’re playing on either synthetic turf or a hard floor, grip is an essential element when it comes to choosing the right indoor soccer shoes. Being able to make quick turns, touches, strikes, and show off that foot work not only requires skill but a good pair of indoor soccer shoes.

I our quest for the perfect footwear we took a closer look the Nike Hypervenom indoor soccer shoes.

Nike launched the Hypervenom indoor soccer shoes back in 2013 and they have now become an all-time favourite for many futsal players. The shoe is aesthetically pleasing and focuses on assisting the player’s agility.

Given the success of the initial launch Nike has since launched several other variations for the indoor soccer market. After trialling the shoe on synthetic turf and hard surfaces we found that it lives up to our standards. We would highly recommend this product to all members of The Soccer Club in Alexandria and the greater futsal community in Sydney.

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